About us

Who we are

ISABIDANCE.com is Nigeria’s first dance and music website that delivers latest Nigerian music (videos and audio) and premium dance videos from both home and abroad. It is an online hub for people who love music and love to dance. ISABIDANCE simply means “I CAN DANCE”, an affirmation statement of an individual’s dance skills. This website is open to all youths, you may be a total beginner, or have been dancing for years as a professional dancer. You may be someone who likes to dance on a night out, or in front of the mirror on a night in!, as long as you can dance, you want to showcase your talent and be instantly visible to prospective clients that needs your services, then Isabidance.com is here to serve you. You can also influence the dance world yourself by creating your own new style of dance and showcasing it through your videos, or you can simply impress with your version of any of the existing dance routine.

ISABIDANCE.com is also a dance branding idea; basically we brand everything that has to do with dance and dancers through photography, videos, competitions and many more.

Our objective is to change the perception of how dance and dancers are viewed in the country, to encourage the culture of dance videos/photography, to give the regular dancer enhanced value and worth in the entertainment industry, to initiate dance competitions that will empower dancers, enlighten dancers on the importance of branding their skills for higher profitability and export Nigerian dance and culture.

ISABIDANCE is all about showing off your skills and connecting with other youths and dancers. We’d love to hear your suggestions on the site. Contact Us