Frequently Asked Questions

top questions answered

1. Click on register
2. Fill registration form
3. Click send
4. Update your personal profile page; add videos, photos, write a bio about yourself.
5. Click on submit.

Yes you can. This brand is open to anybody as long as you can dance and you want to express yourself.

After you register, upload your photos and videos, tell everyone a general background about yourself, how many years you have been dancing, the style of dances you can dance, your aspiration and so on.

You can upload as many pictures and videos to your profile page

We advised you put quality dance move pictures.

Any photo that best promotes you as a person and dancer

Videos should be uploaded to Youtube and the Youtube link of the video will be inserted in the space provided for upload or instantly record a15sec video with your phone or choose from your gallery and upload to your profile page.

The works that you’ve done e.g. music videos, competition or concert that you performed, videos recorded with professional cameras or any mobile device.

A photo and video shoot and top priority status on our site.

These are dancers that register under our dance agency

It’s very affordable. Call 08089666636 or 08136416795